Current District Map

Below is the current map of Marin County’s five districts.

Explore the existing supervisorial districts in more detail by using Marin County’s interactive district map.

Current Map of 5 Marin County Supervisorial Districts

Guides to Redistricting

Note: These guides are published by independent civic groups and do not constitute official publications of the County of Marin. They are provided for informational purposes only.

State Redistricting

The State of California is in the process of redistricting its Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly and State Board of Equalization districts, so that the districts correctly reflect the state’s population. For more information on this process visit the 2020 California Citizens Redistricting Commission (CRC) website.

Community Outreach Resources

Redistricting happens once every 10 years, help get the word out! Download social media graphics, flyers, and videos and share them to help support the County’s redistricting efforts.

Communication Resources – English 

Communication Resources – Spanish 

Communication Resources – Vietnamese